Restaurant iijima (Located in Mito City)

A wide variety of authentic dishes such as Hitachi Beef steak, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and other delicious ones

This is a restaurant directly run by a meat shop, iijima. The restaurant has been favored for more than 30 years since 1979 when this restaurant was open. The menu consists of Hitachi beef, shabushabu hot pot, sukiyaki, and hamburger as well as set menu and full courses. Head office is proud of its quality beef. The interior of the restaurant is relaxing with a large hall, counter tables, tables in the terrace, and Japanese-style rooms which is suitable for parties . Any customer including couples, seniors, and families with children will have a good time here.


LOCATION Address: 251-10 Miwa 2 chome. Mito City, Ibaraki
CONTACT Restaurant iijima
HOURS 11:00~15:00(OS.14:30)


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