Soba noodles KANASA-AN (Located in Hitachiota City)

Hand-kneaded soba noodles using natural water

This soba noodles restaurant is situated next to the public hot spring bath, “Kanasanoyu.” Various kinds of local soba, or buckwheat, dishes are served here. The soba noodles are made of buckwheat flour freshly ground by using an electric stone mill every day. The discipline of the shop is three “tate” that means ‘freshly done’ –①using freshly ground soba flour ②kneading soba everyday ③serve soba noodles soon after boiling. In addition they use Nishikanasago natural water to make soba noodles, and the water is said to have effect to make your skin beautiful. As for vegetables, they use lots of local fresh vegetables for the dishes. Why don’t you try Hitachi-Akisoba noodles, a specialty of Kanasago?


LOCATION Address: 321-1 Kamimiyakawauchi-cho, Hitachiota City, Ibaraki
CONTACT Tel: 0294-76-9907
PARKING 150 cars
ACCESS A 5-minute drive from Yamagatajuku Station of JR Suigun Line


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