Ibaraki Airport

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Ibaraki Airport opened on March 11, 2010.

This airport was opened on March 11, 2010 as the third airport in Tokyo area. The airport ground is shared with Hyakuri Air Base of Self Defense Force as civilian use. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, an operating body, constructed runways mainly used for civilian aircrafts on the west side of existing runways, large parking lots and a terminal building.
Ibaraki Airport is also trying to keep cost low (e.g. self-propelled aircrafts, a consolidating passenger flow line and no boarding bridges), to be a user-friendly airport with free parking lots and to invite low-cost carriers which have become widespread overseas.


Spring Airlines:
Ibaraki to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only)

Skymark Airlines:
Ibaraki to Kobe Daily
Ibaraki to New Chitose Airport (from February 1st, 2011)


LOCATION 1601-55 Yozawa, Omitama City
CONTACT Ibaraki Prefecture Airport Promotion Division
978-6 Kasahara-cho, Mito, Ibaraki
TEL: 029-301-2761
FAX: 029-301-2749
PARKING 1,300 cars ( Charge Free)
■From Misato / Tsukuba on Joban Expressway
  Approx. 25min (17km) from Chiyoda Ishioka IC
■From Hitachi on Joban Expressway or From Utsunomiya on Kita-Kanto Expressway
 Approx. 13min (9km) from Ibaraki-Kuko Kita IC on Higashi-Kanto Expressway, Mito line
Buses run between: Mito, Ishioka, Tsukuba, Tokyo
WEBSITE http://www.ibaraki-airport.net/en/index.html


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