Tsukimachi-no-taki Momiji-en

Recommended Spot

This restaurant boasts local soba noodles made from Hitachi-Aki-Soba buckwheat cultivated mainly in Okukuji area in Ibaraki. The buckwheat nut lets are sorted by color one by one with their original automated sorter, which makes the noodles special. 'Midori-soba,' a special green-colore soba noodle dish, are limited ones, so please call them in advance if you would like to try 'Midori-soba.'

Recommended Spot

They use a water wheel as power source to grind buckwheat nut lets with a stone mill, and natural groundwater to knead buckwheat flour into a dough.

Tasting special soba noodles seeing the Tsukimachi-no-taki waterfall is most recommended.

Tsukimachi-no-taki waterfall is nearby, where you can enjoy soaking yourself in negative ions.


LOCATION Address: 1369-1 Kawayama, Daigo Town, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki 319-3556
CONTACT Tsukimachi-no-taki Momiji-en
Tel: 0295-72-3993
HOURS 10:30 ~ 19:00 (In the case prepared soba noodles for the day are sold out, we can’t provide the noodles on the menu.)
ADMISSION Morisoba, or cold boiled soba noodles: 850 yen
Midorisoba, or highly special green-colore soba noodles: 1,250 yen
Nagashi-somen noodles that are carried to customers by a licensed serving system of somen noodles flowing through in water: Adults: 1,000 yen, children: 700 yen, a second of dipping broth: 350 yen. (Nagashi-somen is available from May to mid-September.)
CLOSED Wednesdays
In May, June, July, August and November, the restaurant opens every day.
Just after Obon holidays (usually August 13 to 16), it closes for two days. The restaurant closes during the New Year holidays and for a week in February.
PARKING 30 cars for free
WEBSITE http://www.asakawa-web.co.jp/momiji/


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