Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba, a fish market (Located in Hitachinaka)

Recommended Spot

This fish market is well known for selling fresh fish at reasonable prices, so it attracts lots of visitors. You can enjoy tasting fresh seafood dishes at restaurants including kaiten-zushi, (or conveyor belt sushi bars), instead of buying some fish.

Recommended Spot

Various kinds of marine products

There are many stalls selling fresh seafood and seafood products that are frozen, salted, dried, boiled, or canned.

Fresh seafood

Various kinds of fish landed at Nakaminato Fish Port are sold at low prices. Long queues of people are often seen.


In the building of the market, several restaurants are serving fresh seafood dishes.


LOCATION 19-8 Minato-hon-cho, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki 311-1221
CONTACT Office of Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba
Maruki-suisan Tel: 029-263-6779
HOURS Fixed by each stall
ADMISSION Decided by each stall
CLOSED Fixed by each stall
PARKING Medium-sized cars: 100 yen per 4 hours
Small-sized shared bus: 210 yen per 4 hours
Large vehicle: 330 yen per 4 hours
Please note that the parking lot is open at 7:00 in the morning.
There is another parking lot, Shiei-Kaimon-cho Parking lot.
Medium-sized cars: 100 yen per 4 hours, and 200 yen for the day.
ACCESS (By car) A 10-minute drive from Hitachinaka IC on Kitakanto (Higashi-mito) Expressway
(By train) A 10-minute walk from Nakaminato Station on Minato Line of Hitachinaka Seaside Railway
NOTICE Fan club benefits:
Morita Suisan fish shop: 3 % discount off the bill (not applicable at a face-to-face counter.)
Seafood restaurant MORITA at Nakaminato: 3 % discount off the bill
Kaiten-sushi MORITA, a conveyor belt sushi bar: 3 % discount off the bill
KAKUDAI seafood shop at Nakaminato osakanaichiba: Free gift of some dried small fish when the member has bought a product at the shop.
Kuidokoro KURITAYA seafood restaurant: A glass of soft drink for free


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