Hitachi Beef –Yakiniku & Steak – Meat Restaurant KURATA (Located in Hitachi City)

Recommended Spot

The highest-grade Hitachi Beef designated A-5 rank is served at this restaurant which has been open for more than 40 years. All staff is waiting for your visit preparing the superb meat and other ingredients to provide delicious dishes and to make you feel satisfied with the taste of the local specialty of Ibaraki. Hitachi Beef is original in Ibaraki, so why don’t you come here and try some? For more information, please access the Web page.

This is a designated shop which specializes in selling Hitachi Beef and providing its dishes. It is also registered as a special restaurant that keeps the record of where and when the beef was purchased and more than a half of its whole menu contains Hitachi Beef such as Yakiniku. Shabushabu hot pot, and Steak.

Recommended Spot

Only the celebrity can fully enjoy the taste of Hitachi Beef, highly ranked Japanese Beef from black haired cattle.

They provide a wide range of menu of Hitachi Beef, and are ready for various kinds of meeting.

On the first floor there are rooms with enough space and on the second floor several rooms for small parties.


LOCATION Address: 1-2-6 Benten-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki 317-0072
CONTACT Meat Restaurant KURATA
Tel: 0294-21-1387
HOURS 17:00 ~ 22:00
(17:00 ~ 21:00, on Sundays and holidays)
ADMISSION Popular menu
Quality salted tongue: 1,730 yen
Quality kalbi, thinly sliced rib meat: 1,680 yen
Special Hitachi Beef Shabu-shabu hotpot dish with broth of soy sauce with citrus juice: 2,500 yen
Hitachi Beef sirloin steak, 200 gram: 5,900 yen
Chinese noodles with salty soup using beef tail: 1,080 yen and so on.
CLOSED Tuesdays
PARKING Available
ACCESS ( By car) A 7-minute drive from Hitachichuo IC of Joban Expressway
(By Train) A 7-minute walk from JR Hitachi Station of Joban Line
NOTICE Fan club benefits: some dessert for the member and other co-visitors up to four people


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