Kasama Kiku Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival)

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Japan’s Oldest Chrysanthemum Festival

Kasama Kiku Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival) has been held since 1908 when the then chief priest of Kasama Inari Shrine made a farm field on the shrine ground to comfort people's desolated mind caused by the Russo-Japanese War.
At that time, the name of the festival was Kasama Inari Shrine Kiku Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival).
The name was changed to Kasama Kiku Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival) because this festival stands for autumn events in Ibaraki now, and is wished to be continued to future generations.
There are approx. 8,000 pots of chrysanthemum displayed in the precinct. People enjoy the colorful flowers with sweet smell and have relaxing time.


LOCATION 1 Kasama, Kasama City (Kasama Inari Shrine)
CONTACT Kasama Tourism Association
HOURS October 20 to Novemnber 23
(To see chrysanthemum figure displays: admission: Adults: 700 yen, elementary & junior high school students: 300 yen)
PARKING 250 cars
ACCESS By car: Approx. 10min from Tomobe IC on Kita-Kanto Expressway
By train: Approx. 20min by Kasama loop-line bus from Tomobe Station on the JR Joban line (Nearest bus stop: Inari Jinjya-mae)
WEBSITE http://www.kasama-kankou.jp/upsys_pro/news.php?mode=detail&code=118


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