The original anglerfish hot pot, SANSUI (Located in Mito City)

For more than 65 years, this restaurant has devoted to anglerfish hot pots

This restaurant features Ibaraki’s local cuisine such as angler hot pot dishes, Mito’s specialty natto dishes, and Okukuji-shamo local fowl dishes. Okukuji-shamo is a kind of chicken local raised surrounded by nature. Another specialty is Kamameshi, or soy-sauce flavored boiled rice in a small pot, whose main ingredient is Koshihikari grown with fewer agricultural chemicals by contract farmers. The Kamameshi is cooked in a traditional way which has been handed down for three generations, and has rich flavor and lots of varieties, which makes it popular from children to the elder. The restaurant provides a wide range of menu including lunch and shokado lunch box. As for its interior, it has a calm relaxing atmosphere, and there are various table-styles, for example, a counter table, Japanese-style, and small party rooms are available. You can enjoy your dinner served with heartfelt hospitality.
This restaurant is listed as one of special restaurants serving anglerfish dishes.

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LOCATION Address: 2-2-40 Izumi-cho, Mito City, Ibaraki 310-0026
CONTACT Tel: 029-221-3617
Fax: 029-227-3787
HOURS Open 11:00 ~ 14:30 Open 17:00 ~
Please order before 21:00
ADMISSION Anglerfish hot pot: From 3,400 yen
Anglerfish hot pot course: From 4,000 yen
Anglerfish Dobujiru, or a rich flavored hot pot with anglerfish liver
Please note that a hot pot is available for two or more people.
Komon-ryori couse: From 3,500 yen (the prices might change according to seasons.
CLOSED Tuesdays
PARKING 150 cars (shared by other enterprises)
ACCESS A 15-minute walk from Mito Station of JR Joban line, situated at the side of Route 50, near Keisei department store


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