Michinoeki, Hitachi Osakana Center (Hitachi Fish Market)

Recommended Spot

Treasure House of Fresh Fish!

Hitachi Osakana Center sells fresh fish directly delivered from nearby Kuji fishing port.
Especially during the season of trawl fishing, various kinds of fish are lined up.
And, taking a seafood cooking lesson is popular among tourists.
There is a restaurant called Hamazen on the second floor, and they serve fresh seasonal seafood dishes.

spring: Japanese sea perch, yellowtail etc.
summer: flatfish, bonito, abalone etc.
autumn: saury, small tuna etc.
winter: anglerfish, crab, halfbeak, icefish etc.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION 5779-24 Minami-machi, Hitachi
CONTACT TEL: 0294-54-0833
HOURS 9:00-18:00
CLOSED Depends on each shop
PARKING 300 cars
ACCESS Approx. 10min by bus (Hitachi Dentetsu Bus / For Kuji Community Center) Take a bus at Omika Station on the JR Joban line and get off at Kuji Community Center bus stop.


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