Tsumugi-no-Yakata, a traditional silk fabric museum

With a long history of 2,000 years, Yuki Tsumugi silk fabric exists

This facility opened as a Yuki Tsumugi museum in 2006. Okujun Inc., a yuki tsumugi wholesaler with a history of more than 100 years, built this facility hoping to let more people know about Yuki Tsumugi, and its production technique, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation. The facility has a gallery, a yuki tsumugi exhibition room, a yuki tsumugi shop, and a craft studio to experience handloom-weaving and fabric-dyeing. In each season, various kinds of events take place, such as learning how to dye a yukata (a casual cotton kimono) and how to wear a kimono, a Hina-doll display, and a new yuki tsumugi collection. How about visiting here to see traditional beautiful craft works?

Recommended Spot

Yui-no-mise, a shop of Yuki Tsumugi
With a desire of letting more people see Yuki Tsumugi and know the finesse, this shop sells original design Yuki Tsumugi.

Hataba-kan, where you can experience dyeing and weaving and take some rest.

A Yuki Tsumugi gallery
This is an old house which has been kept for more than 150 years. It is relocated here for displaying yuki tsumugi.


LOCATION 12-2 Yuki, Yuki City, Ibaraki 307-0001
CONTACT Tsumugi-no-Yakata
Tel: 0296-33-5633
HOURS 9:30 ~ 17:00 (Please enter before 16:30)
ADMISSION Admission: free
Please note that admission to the gallery and experience of weaving and dyeing is for a charge.
Admission fee: the gallery: Adults: 200 yen, Students: 100 yen. (A group of 30 people or more: Adults 150 yen.)
Experiencing weaving or dyeing: From 1,000 yen for each experience
CLOSED Tuesdays and the New Year holidays
PARKING Available for free
ACCESS (By train) A 10-minute walk from the north exit of Yuki Station on the JR Mito Line
(By car)
A 30-minute drive from Sakuragawa-Chikusei IC on Kita-Kanto Expressway
A 40-minute drive from Sano-Fujioka IC on Tohoku Expressway
A 60-minute drive from Yawara IC on Joban Expressway
WEBSITE http://www.yukitumugi.co.jp/
NOTICE If you want to experience weaving and dyeing, please make a reservation in advance. Experience may not be available in the case you make a reservation on the day of your visiting.
Rental bicycles are available in front of the Yuki Station.


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