MITO PLAZA HOTEL (Located in MitoCity)

Recommended Spot

As this hotel is surrounded by a lot of greenery, another name of the hotel is “Guest House in a forest.” On your entering its gate, your luxurious hours will start.
The atmosphere reflecting the sensitivity of the interior designer John David Edison will make you feel relaxed, and each of the guests is served with the highly original hospitality.

Recommended Spot

Restaurant “JIN” features grilled dishes cooked on a large iron plate before the guests.

"YOSHIKAWA” features Japanese dishes in season, and this is “Komon Ryori,” a set menu of historical local cuisine commemorating a famous feudal lord “Komon.”

A Japanese style dining room of seasonal Japanese restaurant “YOSHIKAWA”


LOCATION Address: 2078-1 Senba-cho, Mito City, Ibaraki 310-0851
Tel: 029-305-8111 (Main switch number)
Fax: 029-305-8520
HOURS Check in: 15:00
Check out: 11:00
ADMISSION Room rates & number of the rooms:
Single room: 12,500 yen (6 rooms)
Double room: 17,000 yen (6 rooms)
Twin room: 21,000 yen (68 rooms)
Jacuzzi twin room: 32,000 (2 rooms)
Plaza suite: 100,000 (1 rooms)
Please note: 10 % service charge and a consumption tax should be added to the above room rates
PARKING 750 cars for free
ACCESS 【By car】A 10-minute drive from Mito IC of Joban Expressway, please drive toward Oarai and Hitachi.
【By train】A 15-minute bus or taxi ride from Mito Station of JR Joban Line
★Free shuttle buses are available from the south exit of Mito Station
NOTICE Fan club benefits: For lodging guests: 20 % discount off the regular room rate


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