Tsukubasan Hitachi Beef Restaurant HITACHINO (Located in Tsukuba City)

Situated on a Pass of Mt. Tsukuba, this restaurant commands a wide view of the Kanto plain.

The building is a traditional style of Japanese architecture with a steep thatched rafter roof. You can see seasonal beauty of Mt. Tsukuba from there, and enjoy tasting Yakiniki, or barebecue, sukiyaki, steak, and other beef dishes that are made using enough beef and grilled by far-infrared rays developed by charcoal made of Tsukuba oak trees.
Why don’t you spend your holiday in a mountain area and have delicious beef dishes?

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The elegant Japanese style building is a landmark to “Tsukubasan HITACHINO.”

Each table has a set of small Irori, or a hearth, on which you can grill your ingredients to your liking.

Grilled beef using charcoal has a special flavor. Please taste it to your content.


LOCATION Address: Kazekaeshi Toge Mt. Tsukuba, 2103-5 Usui, Tsukuba City
Tel: 029-866-1221
Fax: 029-866-1223
HOURS Open: 10:30 ~ 20:30 (Please make a last order by 19:30)
If you come after 17:00, please make a reservation in advance.
CLOSED December 31 and a few days in late January
ACCESS 【By car】A 35-minute drive from Tsuchiurakita IC of Jpban Expressway, or a 40-minute drive form Tsukuba-chuo IC of Ken-ou Expressway
【By train】A 25-minute walk from Tsutsujigaoka bus stop. Please take Tsukubasan Shuttle Bus from Tuskuba Station of TSUKUBA ESPRESS, and it is a 50-minute bus ride.
WEBSITE http://www.hitachino.com/


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