SUIGO ITAKO AYAME-EN, Itako Riverside Iris Park (Located in Itako City)

Recommended Spot

In early summer, various kinds of iris are in bloom in this park. From late May to late June the Iris Festival is annually held in this area. During the period, the must-see event is “Yomeiribune” (A bride on a boat), in which a bride is congratulated by many spectators. Other events such as Ayame-odori, a show danced by women in kimono, and an excursion in a rokogibune, or a rowing boat rowed by paddlers, are also enjoyable.


LOCATION Address: 1-5 Ayame, Itako City, Ibaraki 311-2425
CONTACT Itako City Sightseeing Guide, Itako City Hall
Tel: 0299-63-1111
Fax: 029-63-3591
HOURS All day
ADMISSION Admission to the park is for free.
CLOSED This park is always open.
PARKING Available (42 large vehicles, 79 cars)
ACCESS (By car) A 10-minute drive from Itako IC of Joban Expressway
(By train) A 3-minute walk from Itako Station of JR Kashima Line


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