Nishikansa-Sobanosato SOBAKOBO (Located in Hitachiota City)

Recommended Spot

This restaurant boasts soba noodle dishes that are freshly made by grinding Hitachi-Akisoba buckwheat with a stone mill every day, kneading the ground flour every day, and boiling noodles each time just before being served. The menu contains “Jyuwari-soba” that is soba noodles specially made of 100 % buckwheat flour of Hitachi-Akisoba, a set of various soba dishes, and so on. They provide “Soba-uchi-taiken,” or experience of making soba noodles yourself and eating them. Why don’t you visit here and try some?


LOCATION Address: 2408 Akatsuchi-cho, Hitachiota City, Ibaraki 313-0102
CONTACT Nishikanasa-Sobanosato SOBAKOBO
Tel: 0294-76-9000
HOURS Open: 10:00 ~ 15:00
ADMISSION A set of various soba dishes: 1,600 yen
Jyuwari-soba noodles: From 1,400 yen to 2,450 yen
Experience to make soba to eat for 4 people: 2,700 yen (reservations are necessary.)
CLOSED Wednesdays, the New Year holidays
PARKING 30 cars for free
ACCESS A 20-minute taxi ride from Hitachiomiya Station of JR Suigun Line
NOTICE Fan club benefits: 50 yen off the bill


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