Hitachi Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) and Hitachi Furyu-mono

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It's really worth seeing the cherry blossoms and Furyu-mono in Hitachi.
The cherry blossom scene on the streets in Hitachi is selected as one of the 100 beautiful cherry blossom sopts in Japan, and this festival is as famous as Mito Plum Blossom Festival. From early to mid-April, approx. 14,000 cherry trees are in bloom, making you feel spring really coming. During the festival, Heiwa Street, Kamine Park and Jyuo Panorama Park are lit up at night and you can enjoy the fantastic cherry blossom illumination.
“Hitachi Furyu-mono” usually appears on the Heiwa Street on the first Saturday and Sunday of April. It is a festival float (Dashi in Japanese) being pulled with wires attached to it. Puppets show up on five-level stages when five-layered roofs of the float (15m height, 8m width and 5t weight) open. It is said that this puppet play has been performed since the middle of the Edo period. “Hitachi Furyu-mono” was inscribed in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in 2009. Lots of visitors enjoy the festival every year.

Recommended Spot

Hitachi Furyu-mono

Five-layered stage of Hitachi Furyu-mono Ⅰ

5-layered stage of Hitachi Furyu-mono Ⅱ


LOCATION Heiwa Dori, Hitachi City
CONTACT Hitachi City Tourism Association
HOURS Hitachi Sakura Matsuri (Hitachi Cherry Blossom Festival): early April to mid-April.
Exhibition and performance of Hitachi Furyu-mono: It usually takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of April.
Festival events are held on Heiwa Street.
The cherry trees on Heiwa Street, at Kamine Park and Jyuo Panorama Park are lit up during the season.
ACCESS By Car: Approx. 5 min from Hitachi Chuo IC on Joban Expressway.


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