KASAMA KOUGEI-NO-OKA, a craft hills (Located in Kasama City)

Recommended Spot

Kasama Kougei-no-oka has various facilities related to Kasama pottery such as classes to learn and experience how to make pottery, a permanent display of Kasama pottery works, a relaxing café lounge, and a souvenir shop. In the gallery on the first floor, you can also appreciate a display of art works by local pottery artists, which is held several times in the year.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION Address: 2388-1 Kasama, Kasama City, IbarakKasama Kougei-no-okai 310-1611
CONTACT Kasama Kougei-no-oka
HOURS 10:00-17:00
Experiencing how to make pottery with a pottery wheel: From 2,160 yen
Experiencing how to make pottery by hand: 3,240 yen
For more information, please look at the Web page.
CLOSED Mondays (In the case Monday is a national holiday, it is open on the Monday and closed on the following day.)
WEBSITE http://www.kasama-crafthills.co.jp/top.html
NOTICE Fan club benefits: Experiencing how to make pottery: 10 % discount off the basic fee