Mt.Tsukuba Ume Matsuri (Ume Blossom Festival)

Recommended Spot

The Mt.Tsukuba plum grove is located halfway up the mountain (at an altitude of approx. 250 meters) and approx. 1000 ume trees will bear white or pink blossoms in early spring. The contrast of Giant Tsukuba Rocks scattered around the grove and the pretty flowers gives a great view. For a nice picture the landscape with Mt. Tsukuba in the background is indispensable. From an observatory at the top of the ume-grove, you can overlook the country view, Lake Kasumigaura and tall buildings in Tokyo including Tokyo Skytree in fine weather. Mt. Tsukuba, often called "purple-peak," celebrates the coming of spring with the pink mountain surface.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION Mt.Tsukuba, Tsukuba City
CONTACT Tsukuba Tourism and Convention Association
HOURS Mt. Tsukuba Ume Matsuri: from mid-February to mid-March
PARKING Available
ACCESS By train: Get off at Tsukuba Station on Tsukuba Express and ride a direct shuttle bus (Tsukuba-san shuttle bus) for approx. 40min, and get off at Tsukuba-san Jinjya Iriguchi.
By Bus: From Tokyo station, get on a highway bus(for Tsukuba Center) and get off at Tsukuba Center. And transit to a direct shuttle bus and get off at Tsukuba-san Jinjya Iriguchi.
By Car: Approx. 20km (for Simotsuma/Mt.Tsukuba) or 24km using Purpleline via Route 125 from Tsuchiura-Kita IC on Joban Expressway.


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