Recommended Spot

Ryu-jin suspension bridge , a pedestrian bridge, boasts its 375m length and 100m height above Lake Ryu-jin and has a commanding panoramic view of seasonal landscape.
“Ryu-jin Koinobori Festival”originated from 1988,carpstreamers were suspended throughout the Ryu-jin dam to give an installation image when the construction was planed.

.Ryujin-kyo shows us a magnificent landscape of mountains fresh green trees and pale pink colored cherry blossoms in full bloom. 1,000 donated carp streamers freely swim in the blue sky.

During the festival, many exciting events are also held. On May 5th, toll free for children (under Junior high school). There is a hiking course around the bridge and a day spa. This area is famous for Soba noodle, please enjoy Soba!

Quiz Show, Photo Contest, A market etc

Adult 300 JPY, Child (Elementary and Junior high school) 200 JPY
A group more than 30 people/ Adult 280 JPY, Child 180 JPY

Ryujin-kyo is located in Oku-kuji Natural Park and is famous for its beautiful V-shaped valley. Many people visit for a hiking to watch a beautiful natural landscape of each season. Recommended hiking course is Kame-ga-fuchi which takes about 2 hours.

At the market in the festival, you can taste spring vegetables.


LOCATION 2133-6, Kegano, Hitachiota-City, Around Ryujin Supension Bridge
CONTACT Hitachi-Ota City Tourism Association
PARKING 250 cars(Free of Charge) Large sized Bus is also available
ACCESS By car:
About 40 min. via Route349 from Hitachi Minami Ota IC of Joban Expressway
About 40 min. via Route 349 from Naka IC of Joban Expressway
By train:
Approx. 40 min. by bus(Ibaraki Kotsu Bus for Shimo-Takakura or Shimo-Takakura Daigo) from Hitachi Ota station of JR Suigun line and get off at Ryujin O-Tsuribashi or Ryujin-O-Tsuribashi Iriguchi.
WEBSITE http://ohtsuribashi.ryujinkyo.jp/