Koga Park

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Located in the center of Koga City, Koga Park is a historic park with the grave of Yoshiuji Ashikaga (1541-1583) who was a ruler of this province, and the park is approx. 250,000 ㎡ including a large swamp and a lotus pond. In spring at Koga Peach Blossom Festival (late March to early April), you can enjoy the splendid view of 2,000 peach trees bearing pretty pink and white blossoms. From June to July, the lotus pond is beautiful with large Ogahasu flowers of which seeds came back from 2,000 years ago. The park showcases old residences with thatched roofs, which you can enter and watch closely. This park won Melina Mercouri Award (UNESCO-Greek sponsorship), which was the the first win in Japan.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION 399-1 Kounosu, Koga City
CONTACT Koga City Tourism Association
ACCESS By Car: Approx. 20min from Tatebayashi IC on Tohoku Expressway
By bus: Approx. 40min on foot from Koga Station on the JR Utsunomiya line


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