Daigo hot spring YAMIZO (Located in Daigo Town Kuji-gun)

Recommended Spot

Run by a public institution, this hotel is situated near the Okukuji River which features its limpid stream. Surrounded by the great nature of Okukuji area, you can enjoy soaking yourself in seasonal relaxing baths such as apple-floating in autumn and scented with shobu (sweet sedge) leaves in May. In a large garden a ground golf course beckons with 16 official holes. According to your request, they prepare cuisines for Japanese-style banquets with Hitachi beef dishes or Okukuji-shamo local fowl dishes.

Recommended Spot

Hitachi beef course

Okukuji-shamo local fowl course

A ground golf course


LOCATION Address: 524-2 Yada, Daigo Town, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki 319-3552
CONTACT Daigo-onsen hot spring Yamizo
    Tel: 0295-72-1511
    Fax: 0295-72-1514
PARKING Available
ACCESS 【By car】A 60-minute drive via Route 118 national road from Naka IC
of Joban Expressway

【By train】A 10-minute bus ride from Hitachidaigo Station of
JR Suigun Line
A courtesy bus is available. (Reservations are necessary)
WEBSITE http://www.yamizo.com/
NOTICE Spa contents: Sodium-sulfate chloride hot spring
Fan club benefits: A glass of soft drink to a lodging guest


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