ITAKO HOTEL (Located in Itako City)

Recommended Spot

This hotel is located in Itako, a resort spot close to Tokyo (A 70-minute drive). In winter and early spring you can enjoy the taste of an anglerfish hot pot, in summer marine leisure such as swimming in the nearby sea, in early autumn a famous fireworks contest. Especially in June the landscape of irises in full bloom is worth seeing.
As many large and small convention rooms are available, various kinds of meetings such as a training session and large or small sized meetings like some subcommittee meetings can be held, and a dance hall is available. In addition wedding receptions and other parties can be held.

Recommended Spot

A tea lounge at the corner of the lobby

Through the windows of the lobby you can see the landscape of the Tone River.

This Japanese-style party room can be used for both large and small meetings.


LOCATION Address: 1-10-7 Ayame, Itako City, Ibaraki 311-2425
   Tel: 0299-62-3130
PARKING Available


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