TOSHIMAYA TSUKIHAMA-NO-YU (Located in Kitaibaraki City)

A hotel commemorating Noguchi Ujo, a Japanese famous poet

This hotel boasts both its facilities and local delicious food; the facilities include a large bath where you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean, and open-air baths. The cuisine is made of local fish that are directly bought at a local fish market. Ujo, a famous poet, was born in Isohara and loved his hometown. Especially during the winter season fresh seafood and anglerfish hot pot dishes are specialty here. This hotel is proud of its original hospitality, and your visit is awaited.

Recommended Spot

Anglerfish caught in the Joban off-shore is a brand and highly appreciated describing as “having a special taste.”

The Japanese style guest rooms have a kind of poetic sensibility, where you can view the Isohara seashore and the house where Ujo was born.

Okonomi-Ryotei GYOGUN-TANCHIKI (Japanese style seafood restaurant)
This restaurant features Horigotatsu-style low tables at which you can sit comfortably without folding your legs under yourself.


LOCATION Address: 200-3 Isohara, Isohara-cho, Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki 319-1541
CONTACT Toshimaya Tsukihama-no-yu
Tel: 0293-43-1311
Fax: 0293-43-3755
HOURS Service hours:
Gyogun-Tanchiki seafood restaurant is open from 11:30 to 14:00
and from 17:30 to 20:00.
ADMISSION 【one day plans】:
One day hot spring bathing: 1,000 yen
One day hot spring bathing with a meal plan: From 4,752 yen
(10,800 yen as a room rate may be added in the case you use a guest room.)
A meal plan: An anglerfish hot pot: 2,700 yen ~
An anglerfish gourmet course: 5,400 yen ~
【Overnight stay (with dinner and breakfast)】
From 14,040 yen
Anglerfish cuisine plan: from 15,120 yen
ACCESS 【By car】A 7-minute drive from Kitaibaraki IC
of Joban Expressway
【By train】A 20-minute walk or a 3-minute taxi ride from East exit of
Isohara Station of JR Joban Line
A courtesy bus is available. (Reservations are necessary)
NOTICE Spa contents: Sulfurous sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate hot spring
(Hydrogen sulfide type)
Fan club benefits: 1,000 yen discount off the total accommodation bill


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