Fukuroda hot springs OMOIDE-ROMANKAN (Located in Daigo Town, Kuji-gun)

After visiting Fukuroda Falls, one of the three great waterfalls,

please enjoy a comfortable hotel stay in a fashionable and luxurious atmosphere. Situated at the entrance of the waterfall, this hotel features Alkaline PH8.9 hot spring which is known as “Beauty hot spring” because your skin become smooth and beautiful after bathing. Guest rooms with a private open-air bath set gain popularity among the guests. Along with aromatherapy, hot spring bathing is also popular among female guests from other areas in Japan.
They will welcome each customer as well as lots of frequent guests with their best hospitality, so this hotel is easy to like and you might think of visiting here again.

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An open-air bathtub with a fine view of a mountain stream

An example of guest rooms with a private open-air bath set


LOCATION Address: 978 Fukuroda, Daigo Town, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki 319-3523
Tel: 0295-72-3111
Fax: 0295-72-3223
HOURS A day hot spring bathing: From 11:00 to 14:30
ADMISSION ★A day hot spring bathing: 1,000 yen
A day hot spring bathing plan with lunch: From 4,800 yen
(Reservations are necessary.)
★An overnight stay: From 12,960 yen (changes by the season)
Various plans are provided for customers.
For more information please look at the Web page.
PARKING Approx. 100 cars
ACCESS 【By car】A 50-minute drive via Route 118 from Naka IC of Joban Expressway
【By train】A 5-minute taxi ride from Fukuroda Station of JR Suigun Line
A courtesy bus is available for overnight-stay guests.
(Reservations are necessary.)
WEBSITE http://www.roman-kan.jp/
NOTICE Spa contents: Simple alkaline hot spring
Facilities: Open-air hot spring bathtubs with a view of mountain stream, whose hot spring water is always poured directly into the bathtub as it is.
Large public baths and open-air bathtubs in our garden are available for men and for women respectively.
9 guest rooms with a private open-air bath set (4 Japanese style rooms, 3 Japanese-Western combined style rooms, and 2 Western style rooms)
Fan club benefits: A ticket for a gelato


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