ISOHARA SEASIDE HOTEL (Located in Kitaibaraki City)

Kitaibaraki LOHAS ~ with hospitality, healing, and in-site-gushing-out hot spring~

All of the guest rooms command the Pacific Ocean. Newly built “Tenku-Rotenburo,” or an open-air bath in the sky, features the view seen from there, a sky-full of stars at night and the rising sun at dawn.
Isohara Japanese Restaurant KIHEI
The specialty is dishes of seafood landed at a nearby fish port. Various dishes are on the menu such as a set served on a tray whose main dish is seafood, a la carte dishes,  a dinner course of chef’s recommendations. With special attention to the ingredients, local rice and vegetables are used. “Satoumi-don” is a bowl of fresh seafood and rice and “Maika-don” is the one of sliced raw squid and rice which is flavored with specially brewed soy sauce made with special squid liver.
The anglerfish hot pot is a “Dobu-jiru,” which looks like a thick soupy stew and is cooked with a special sauce made from miso paste and anglerfish liver. After eating the ingredients, add rice for a final delicious porridge, which contains essence and relish of the cuisine.
As a seasonal recommended menu from autumn to winter, a full course menu of anglerfish is provided.  

Recommended Spot

A full line up of fresh seafood

A western style guest room commands the sea right in front of it.

A Japanese style guest room commands the sea right in front of it.


LOCATION Address: 2550-1 Futatsujima Isohara, Isohara-cho, Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki 319-1541
Tel: 0293-42-0213
Fax: 0293-42-0536
ADMISSION An overnight stay with dinner and breakfast: (Weekdays) From 12,960 yen
An overnight stay with dinner and breakfast: (Saturdays, and the day before a holiday): From 14,040 yen
Meals only: from 1,575 yen
PARKING 50 cars
ACCESS By car: A 10-minute drive from Kitaibaraki IC of Joban Expressway
By train: A 5-minute taxi ride from Isohara Station of JR Joban Line
: A 20-minute taxi ride from Takahagi Station of JR Joban Line
NOTICE Spa contents: calcium sulfuric chloride, hydrogencarbonate
Fan club benefits: a glass of soft drink or beer when the member has made a reservation of an overnight stay by telephone.


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