OARAI YAMAGUCHI-RO (Located in Oarai Town Higashiibaraki-gun)

Recommended Spot

Situated near Mito City of a 30-minute drive and facing Kashima-nada, or the Sea of Kashima, Oarai Town is known as a good spot to see the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean. In summer many visitors come to swim in the sea.
Each room is designed to have functionality as well as prestigious atmosphere. Through the windows you can see a pine forest and behind it the Oarai Beach, which feasts your eyes with its splendid combination of the sea and the surroundings. In addition the sound and breeze from the sea make you feel relaxed. This hotel also boasts dishes such as “Ushio-yaki,” which is a kind of barbecue where guests are served grilled fresh seafood, shellfish, and Hitachi beef, and can taste the piping hot dish. “Kaiseki” is a Japanese-style course menu with fresh seafood. In the winter season (from mid-November to the end of March) an anglerfish hot pot is popular. For golfers, the location is convenient as it is a 3-minute walk from here to “Oarai Golf Club,” the prestigious golf course. Not only overnight stay guests but also meals-only guests are welcome.
This is a hotel that provides anglerfish hot pot dishes during the limited period in winter.


LOCATION Address: 8249-4 Isohama-cho, Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 311-1301
CONTACT Tel: 029-267-3566
Fax: 029-267-3851
HOURS Restaurants: 12:00 ~ 21:30
ADMISSION The restaurant’s winter menu:
Lunch time is from12:00 to 14:30.
An anglerfish hot pot set: 4,989 yen per person (A reservations is acceptable for at least two people or more)
You can add the following a la carte dish to the above set:
Cooked anglerfish liver with vinegar-flavored sauce: 1,188 yen
Deep-fried anglerfish liver: 1,544 yen
Grilled anglerfish lever: 2,019 yen
Cooked anglerfish served with “Tomozu,” or miso-based vinegar-flavored dipping sauce mixed with anglerfish liver: 2,970 yen
Fishermen’s anglerfish hot pot dish: 6,534 yen per person

Dinner time is from 14:30 to 21:30
Anglerfish hot pot dish course: 11,000 yen per person (Reservations are acceptable at least two people or more.)

Please note that regarding meals reservations in advance are necessary.
CLOSED Not fixed
PARKING Space for 10 cars
ACCESS 【By train】A 7-minute taxi ride from Oarai Station of
Oarai-Kashima Line of kashima rinkai tetsudo
WEBSITE http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~sinise/oarai/
NOTICE Fan club benefits: A box of umeboshi (pickled plum) candy is handed out when you leave the hotel.


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