The Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine

Recommended Spot

The Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine is said to have been established in 660 B.C. and it is the oldest and largest Shinto shrine in the Kanto region. This shrine is dedicated to Takemikazuchi-no-mikoto, a Shinto god of martial arts, and has been revered by numerous people including the Imperial Family since ancient times. More than 80 annual events are held here, and among them Saito-sai and Jinko-sai are popular. And, Ofune Matsuri (a ship festival) takes place every 12 years, attractiong lots of visitors.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION 2306-1 Kyuchu, Kashima City
CONTACT Kashima Shrine Office
PARKING First Parking Lot: 53 cars
Second Parking Lot: 40 cars
ACCESS BY car: 15min from the Itako IC on Higashi-Kanto Expressway.
By train: A 10min walk from Kashima-Jingu Station on the JR Kashima line.


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