'Hobikisen' a traditional fishing boat to showcase for sightseers

Recommended Spot

Take in the breathtaking summer to autumn scenery at Lake Kasumigaura when you see the white sails of the 'Hobikisen' catching the wind, and the wind thrusting it across the lake's surface.


LOCATION 2 cho-me, Kawaguchi, Tsuchiura City (Tsuchiura Port)
CONTACT Tsuchiura Tourism Association
HOURS 13:00- 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from the end of July to mid-October
ADMISSION The White Iris Adults: 1540 yen Children: 770 yen
The Jet Wheel Tsukuba Adults: 1680 yen Children: 840 yen
ACCESS Approx. 15min from the Tsuchiura IC on Joban Expressway
WEBSITE http://www.tsuchiura-kankou.jp/en/index.html


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