Fukuroda Falls

Recommended Spot

Fukuroda Falls is said to be one of the three great waterfalls of Japan. Water cascades against a giant rock cliff in four levels, so it is also called 'Yodo-no-taki' (four-time falls).
There are some spots to see the waterfall closely, and from there you can enjoy magnificent scenery every season.

Recommended Spot

One of the three great waterfalls of Japan

The Taki River has its source just above the waterfall, and flows through it and ultimately joins the mainstream, the Kuji River. The waterfall has four levels, so it is also called 'Yodo-no-taki (four-level waterfall).' In addition, Saigyo, a Japanese monk and poet in the Heian period, had praised Fukuroda Falls, saying you could not understand its real beauty without watching it four times a year (every season), so it's called 'Yodo-no-taki (four times waterfall).

Seasonal beauty

Fukuroda Falls shows us a seasonal beauty. In spring it is fringed with fresh green leaves, in summer it lets you feel a cool air, in autumn the falls is clad with beautiful colored leaves and in winter you might see the iced-up waterfalls.

Frozen waterfall

You can see the frozen waterfalls under icy weather. In winter, an event, “Traveling around the winter falls of Fukuroda, in Okukuji,” is held. In this event, you can see the fantastic winter view with illumination over the falls and the suspension bridge.


LOCATION 3-19, Fukuroda, Daigo-machi
CONTACT 0295-72-4036
HOURS 8:00-18:00 (May to October)
9:00-17:00 (November to April)
ADMISSION Adults: 300 yen Children: 150 yen
CLOSED No closing days
PARKING By car: About 50min from Naka Inter Change on Joban Expressway.
By train: Get off at Fukuroda Station on the JR Suigun Line and take a bus or taxi, it takes about 10min to the entrance.
ACCESS 270 cars


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