Hitachi Seaside Park

Recommended Spot

With an area of about 200ha, Hitachi Seaside Park boasts its wide variety of seasonal flowers such as narcissus and tulip in spring, nemophila and rose in early summer, zinnia in summer and kochia and cosmos in autumn.
The park features other attractions such as an amusement park, cycling roads, a BMX course, athletic fields and a BBQ area, and all of them are enjoyable.

Recommended Spot


LOCATION 605-4 Mawatari Aza Onuma, Hitachinaka City
CONTACT Hitachi Seaside Park TEL:029-265-9001
HOURS 9:30- 17:00 (This may change depending on the season, weather etc.)
ADMISSION Adults (age 15 and older): 450 yen,
Seniors (age 65 and older): 210 yen,
Children (under age 15) : Free
*A group of 20 people and over is eligble for discount: (Adults: 290 yen, Seniors: 210 yen)

CLOSED Mondays(Tuesday when Monday is a public holiday. During event seasons, the park is open every day.)
PARKING 4,350 cars
ACCESS 【By Car】About 1 kilometer from Hitachi Kaihin Kouen IC of Kita-Kanto
【By Train】15 minutes by car from Katsuta Station on JR Joban Line.


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